Full Armor Enterprises is a global full-service sports and entertainment management agency. Our vision is to deliver 360° management and business affairs services to our clients in the sports and entertainment industries.

Currently Full Armor Enterprises oversees the following exciting endeavors:

  • Full Armor (the novel) - the autobiographical work that tells the story of Chuck Bushbeck's rise to athletic excellence through his senor year of college, while battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma.
  • Quiet Toughness (the book) - a guide to utilizing techniques enhance mental preparedness and confluence with universal energy. Although it is geared toward athletes, it encompasses all facets of life.
  • RedOps - a training program for athletes that improves physical and mental awareness for those who aspire to be the best at their sport.
  • Driver - the TV series of a former professional pitcher turned Uber driver, who imparts as much wisdom to his passengers and friends, as they do to him.
  • ESPN 610 Radio Broadcast - interviews with sports figures from all venues of life.
  • The Museum of Sports - located in downtown Philadelphia, this treasure houses priceless memorabilia, as well as photos and information about legends in the sports arena.
  • Inspirational Speaking - We travel the country engaging people from all walks of life to help them become "quietly tough."
  • Full Armor, the movie - Coming soon to a theater near you!

Our Mission Statement

Full Armor Enterprises will provide its clients results-oriented representation, business affairs advice, public relations and marketing, and Full Armor physical and mental training, to meet its clients objectives.

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"So put on the full armor of God. Then when the evil days come, you will be able to defend yourself. And when the battle is over, you will still be standing firm."

--Ephesians 6:13