Full Armor

They told him he couldn't play.

He was determined to prove them wrong.

Chuck Bushbeck was a typical kid, embroiled in the mischief of city street life. No one expected him to rise to become a pre-season all-American collegiate football player. Several Division I schools wanted him, yet Chuck chose Villanova, where he became the starting placekicker his freshman year.

But when a series of events prior to his senior season--including Villanova dropped their football program, and a transfer to East Carolina University--culminating in a diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma, everyone believed Chuck's football career was finished. Everyone except one daring co-ed, whose encouragement and devotion became the anchor he needed to persevere.

An unforgettable true story of love, loss, and triumph over tragedy.

Quiet Toughness

Every competitive athlete's goal is to perform at the highest level. Phrases like "being in the zone" or "seeing the field" are often used to describe their extraordinary physical feats. But one can't be "in the zone" unless the mind is as prepared as the body.

Quiet Toughness is a five-step training program to empower athletes to reach that elevated plane of mental preparedness - eliminating doubt, reducing stress, finding healing, and bridging the gap between mediocrity and success.

While geared toward athletic prowess, these techniques can be applied to any circumstance, enabling people from all walks of life to gain confidence and pursue their dreams.