RedOps Baseball Training

Full Armor was established to offer Major League Baseball (“MLB”) and Minor League Baseball (“MiLB”) clubs high quality baseball players recruited by them to enter their organizations. Full Armor is a 360° sports agency, which provides personal management, business affairs direction and its innovative and proprietary “Full Armor”℠ (mental / physical mechanics) training to its athletes within the niche Hispanic communities of the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico.

The Company’s initial player focus is on the Hispanic player source – initially, the Dominican Republic (“DR”) and Cuba. In the Dominican Republic, the Company has already identified an academy, which, in its 10th year of operation, has earned a well-regarded reputation and track record for securing MLB contracts for its players. The Company will brand its Full Armor name and co-venture with this academy, introducing its proprietary technology to PSG prospective athletes and MLB organizations.

In addition to contract negotiation services, Full Armor develops each athlete's brand identity and maximizes their earning potential through strategic marketing, public relations and community outreach cause related marketing campaigns. The Company will also offer services not now offered by its competitors: i.e., practical educational services, English language training, practical computer skills, and basic financial education.

Moreover, to cement its relations with DR communities, the Company will engage in Cause Related Marketing – a charitable commercial co-venture fundraising effort that will benefit both the DR communities and the Company financially. Finally, as part of its contractual relationship, the Company will offer personal management, legal and business affairs services, and will assist and advise with ancillary services (e.g., tax preparation, immigration, rookie, career and post-career assistance, etc.)

Full Armor has extensive connections and relationships in the world of baseball via our large network and unique alliances and has existing relationships with general managers, coaches, scouts and executives throughout the major, minor, independent and international leagues.

Inspirational Speaking

Do you have team that need to get back on its A game?

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Quiet Toughness is not just about sports. It affects every facet of life, from relationships, to career, from finances to health.

Chuck's inspirational speaking will enlighten, lift burdens, and help your clients or team to a new and better mindfulness--one that will promote ultimate performance, not just in the work environment, but in life.



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"So put on the full armor of God. Then when the evil days come you will be able to defend yourself. And when the battle is over, you will still be standing firm."

-Ephesians 6:13